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    Hands-on with MB & F Legacy machine perpetual calendar and why it is important for anyone interested in watches

    Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar is MB & F's first truly high-complexity, and it seems difficult to believe at first, because one's impression of the company and its watch is precisely the uniqueness and originality usually associated with it. Traditional high complications. Like traditional machines, the perpetual calendar in Legacy Machine Perpetual allows the watch to display the date correctly, regardless of whether the month has 31, 30, 29, or 28 days. The way it works is not arbitrary-this is an important part of the marvelous aesthetics of watches. To understand the appearance of Legacy Machine Perpetual, you need to understand what a perpetual calendar is and how it works,

    So let's talk about the perpetual calendar. They exist because it doesn't take days for the earth to orbit the sun. Instead, it takes about 365.25 days (more or less). This means that a calendar based on 365 days will be closed for one day when four years have passed. Our standard calendar (gregorian calendar) is added every four years to February. Years with 29 days in February are called Le years. (You must make other corrections every 100 and 400 years, but now you do.) To make a perpetual calendar, you need to know not only which month has 30 or 31 days, but also that you must know that there are 28 days in February, and every fourth Once a year, there are 29 days in February.Richard Mille 11-03

    Now, the problem that Stephen McDonnell, the designer of the MB & F Legacy Machine Perpetual movement, has to solve is: To put the perpetual calendar device at the front and center, some parts of the device must be significantly reduced in size and changed in configuration. This problem stems from the overall design of the watch. MB & F, designers Eric Giroud and McDonnell wanted to continue to advance the radical three-dimensional theme of the original Legacy Machine design. To this end, they wanted to use a hollow sub-dial above the plane of the main dial ( This is actually a movement; there is no traditional dial.) The problem is that the traditional perpetual calendar revolves around a single, very large, dobby lever that pivots near the center of the movement. In addition, in the traditional perpetual calendar, the calendar mechanism is located below the dial-if you also want to have a central balance above the dial and raise the sub-dial on the stand, you cannot have great leverage in the middle. So this is the traditional way of doing it.

    Shown below is the calendar dial of the Grand Complication pocket watch manufactured by A. Lange & Söhne in 1902 (the use of this picture should not imply a relationship with MB & F, I just use it as an example) about the traditional perpetual calendar mechanism. This is definitely a model of classic top watchmaking in the early 20th century. This is actually an instantaneous switching perpetual calendar, but the basic principle is the same as traditional non-transient systems. You can see the moon phase disc at the bottom with the date indicator and the axis of the date indicator on the left and right, respectively. You can also see the pesky "Big Dike" (Large Leverage), and at 12:00, the program wheel control date indicates how many days before the end of the month. The beak on the lever increases the day of the week once, and the other increases the day of the day by one (except at the end of the 30, 29, or 28-day month). Large leverage allows you to advance dates and dates simultaneously.wholesale replica watches

    I don't want to fill the gearbox with gears right now because that would lead to a (long) story, but basically, the notches and steps in the program wheel control how far the large lever can move on the last day of the gearbox. Months. There are 48 notches and steps on the wheels, corresponding to the entire four-year cycle of 48 months. Four deep notches correspond to two Februarys; on February 29, the weather was slightly lighter. The deeper the groove on the program wheel, the farther the joystick can move-that's why the date wheel jumps the correct number of days at the end of each month. (If you have a keen eye, you may be wondering about the moon phase disk-this is the only indication on the disk without a large lever drive; it is directly pushed by the movement's hour wheel.)

    So this is the traditional way you do things-let's say the default month is 31 days (31 teeth on the date wheel), and the whole purpose of the program wheel and large lever is to subtract the corresponding number of rounds. The number of days at the end of each month. Now, let's take a look at how MB & F Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar works. Of course, looking at the movement, you will be immediately impressed by the gorgeous movement finish and structure, but hopefully you now also see how the traditional movement cuts it down and wondered what McDonald and MB & F did around the tradition Problems caused by craftsmanship (name of the dial work). Hublot Ferrari replica Watches