For the first time since he was 5 years old, he remembered picking up the controller. Dwayne Wood dreamed of playing his role in the popular Madden NFL football video game series.

But until 2017, the locals of Oak Hill and the former All-Area both won the team's second-place successor at the new smyrna Beach High, which is expected to complete this feat as an athlete. He traveled from coast to coast as a player and student, studying at Fullerton College in California, and then back to Benedict College in Kansas. However, the rugby players in these schools are part of the National Association of Athletics Associations of small universities and almost never reach the professional level. It has only happened four times since 2000. Calling the dream a vision will realize it gently.

Due to the popularity of COVID-19, professional sports leagues have basically closed, and e-sports have also received attention. The World Health Organization even supports the play partly social alienation initiative first launched by popular game manufacturers Activision, Blizzard and Zynga in March. E-sports has also become a profitable business for elite competitors such as Wood. In Madden, the MUT Coins project is even hotter, which means that these seemingly leisurely pastimes are no longer just games.

"I was sick last year, which caused me to miss the game," Wood said. Wood was nicknamed "Cleffy" (when he was a baby) by his parents because of the dent in his chin. He used to sit on his father's lap and watch Madden's game with the controller.

Wood, 24, will test his skills this week in one of the most prestigious events in video games, "Blasting Bowl". This round of 16 contestants started a round-robin match on Wednesday with a prize of $ 220,000 and the champion can win $ 65,000. In just two seasons of the Madden Championship Series, Wood has ranked 21st in the history of the money list, and won $ 58,500 in five EA contests. Wood is the runner-up of this year's "British Challenge" and has the highest winning percentage in MCS history (80.6%). These bonuses are enough to illustrate the importance of winning the game. Of course, the ultimate goal of each player is to become a champion. Madden Coins can help you take a big step forward.

Wood actually tested his ability for the first time in 2009. At the age of 12, he and a family member traveled to Philadelphia all night in a Dodge caravan. Since then, Wood has played in EA Sports headquarters in Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Redwood City, California. The previous Madden Bowls were held in front of the crowd, but due to the popularity of COVID-19, this year's celebration will be far away.

Wood received a technical service package from EA Sports, turning his bedroom in the Edgewater townhouse into a temporary combat station, equipped with racing-style leather chairs, three high-definition displays, and a webcam , Stage lighting, an independent camera. , Laptop and Xbox One.