Electronic Arts said in its financial report that the number of players in "FIFA 20" exceeded 25 million, while the participation of "British Power" reached the highest level in history.
EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in a statement that he was very modest in seeing people around the world connecting through the game in this "unprecedented period", but he did not specifically say that Pandemic related. In order to watch TV, many sports fans are playing video games.
Wilson said on the analyst conference call that during the quarter, EA launched a "stay at home, play together" plan, the purpose is to unite our players when the body evacuates to separate people from people. Overall, more than 100 million players worldwide have participated in the FIFA franchise. He said that the momentum of "FIFA Online" in Asia also continued, far exceeding expectations.
Wilson said that in the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, there will be four new EA sports games, including new versions of FIFA, Madden, NHL, and an unannounced sports game. MUT Coins is a secret weapon in the Madden game, allowing you to defeat the enemy with the role of superstar.
Rally, a startup led by game entrepreneur Kevin Chou, launched the Taki platform in February for creators, athletes, and celebrities to interact with fans. Now, it provides fans with a way to communicate with the stars through images or videos.
As a revisited celebrity network, Rally promised to let video creators retain nearly 100% of every fan transaction. The company promises a new era of personalized content that will go far beyond the birthday shouts you encounter on other platforms (Ahem, Cameo). Madden Coins on GameMS are not only safe and reliable, but also make you a winner that others seriously envy.
The idea is to allow fans to pay for contacting their favorite creators, athletes or celebrities. Fans can ask direct questions, let them teach skills, or just make suggestions. Rally said that in a highly connected era, this should be simple, but unfortunately, the social platform has become unnecessarily complicated because the social platform is too large to care about any individual creator or fan.