Last week, the German technical apparel company Acronym released a new version of its signature product J1A-GT jacket, which is based on Hideo Kojima's PS4 game Death Stranding. Like most acronym equipment, this jacket is rare and expensive. But in another corner of the Internet, fans got the right to use it for free. In the space provided by subreddit ACNHstreetwear (a dedicated to streetwear lovers playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons), a user created a jacket in the game with amazing high fidelity, and then uploaded the creator code to facilitate any Anyone can add it to their game. One user said: “In reality I ca n’t afford it, but here I have achieved it, thank you! ”

Fashion is already an integral part of the New Horizons experience. When many players like to decorate their own houses or track the last fish and fossils, others have already chosen Buy Animal Crossing Bells on IGGM, because this not only saves us the time to build our homes, but also allows us to enjoy the rest of the game fun of. The game has a variety of styles and a variety of choices, including a large number of sports shoes, jackets and jerseys. These equipments closely follow the style of streetwear. "I like to add cool sneakers to the game," Hiashi Nogami, the producer of New Horizons, told me last month.

Fans are not talking about equipment created by animal crossing bells on IGGM It's a costume created by the players, including everything from Supreme to Louis Vuitton. Fans managed to create precise and accurate digital versions of hoodies, hats, and even carpets. Some people turned their virtual houses into high-end clothing stores. You can transform it into any way you like, but it is a little time and energy consuming, Animal Crossing Bells can help you save time.

Artist and fashion photographer Kara Chung used Instagram to document the style in the game. Her "Animal Crossing Fashion Archive" page has more than 30,000 fans and captures the expressions of players, just like they do in high-end magazines. "Video games provide a space different from real life, this is a sacred space, where we can quickly enter or leave the identity." When asked about the fusion of fashion and video games, she told "Vogue ", This is a recently growing combination. Last year, Riot even collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create an exclusive League of Legends skin.