"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" provides players with a paradise, but I mistakenly thought it was my personal Eden, but it wasn't.
Two things overlap. The first is that I decided to delve into the terrain of the game. With 'New Horizons' you can choose islands according to your wishes and adjust the shape of cliffs and waters according to your needs. I moved on and decided to use an empty piece of land, so I razed everything to the ground. No water, no cliffs, only grass and some trees. I want to grow fruits myself, and pick and sell these fruits.
When I closed the waterway and turned to look at my flat island, I realized that I had no energy. Terraforming is a slow and discerning process, spending several hours on the very simple task of clearing the island. Indeed these tasks are very time-consuming. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Bells on IGGM. On the one hand, they save time, on the other hand, they can better enjoy the fun of the game.
Is it really worth doing this? After working for hours, I want to figure out how to bend the cliff and how to build a pond. I want to make a charming little cliff for my house. Every day I think about how to make a beautiful heart with a stone trail and how to build a natural waterfall.
Another disadvantage is that only 15% of our islands can be reclaimed on their own. The rest is just a cluster. The wasteland is full of houses, no other facilities, and lost its beauty. In addition to these houses, all you can encounter are orange orchards, which are random orchards. It's really bad. In this case, I will use my imagination to rebuild my home. Is there a better way to solve this problem? Animal Crossing Bells can solve these troubles very well, you will easily get the props you want.
On my husband's birthday, he woke me up very early, when he bought radish worth 1.7 million bells. I built a ramp that leads directly to our little house, but it takes a day to see it complete. Therefore, I traveled to the next morning and watched the slope finish, which felt really great!