On Friday, January 15, Grinding Gear Games released the new “Season of Exile” league. This latest league is called the Etiquette League. Unlike most regular season leagues, we see Grinding Gear Games released for two reasons. First, this alliance was later than expected. “Grinding Gear Games”, originally scheduled to be released on December 11, postponed the release of “Cyberpunk 2077” to December 10, because it does not want to force players to play the new “Path of Exile” league and choose one of them Game Bopunk.

I guess that after the disastrous release of “Cyberpunk 2077”, most Fans of Exile would be more willing to let Ritual League take part, but Ritual League is not only special because it delayed its release for a month. . It is also on sale with the new endgame expansion (called “Echo of the Atlas”, which further expands the already shocking endgame.

It has also passed the path of exile players returning in droves. Although Atlas and Ritual League’s Echoes are not as full of errors as the previous league Heist, Grinding Gear Games pointed out that the new extension “is 11% higher than the peak player count of any previous Exile Path release, resulting in server instability, resulting in Some players have suffered multiple crashes. POE Currency can make your game smoother.

I used to be one player, but after playing for a weekend, I gave up again. This is especially surprising for me, because I also took part in the huge Heist League, so just a few months ago, I was still in exile addiction. Usually, during game holidays, I will take part in several league holidays (which lasted about three months), but I am no longer just an amateur “Path of Exile” player.

Make no mistake, I am still a desperate rookie to fully understand all aspects of the game, but it is not my fault at all. At the beginning of 2021, “Path of Exile” is a rich game. These seasonal leagues almost always introduce new game mechanics into the core game rotation after the league ends, and it has added about 4 new mechanics every year since 2013, so there is a lot of need to Buy POE Currency.