Sports games are a profitable business, especially with the increasing popularity of sports betting platforms such as SBOBET. Even though the list of online games is endless, the world of large mainstream sports games (such as the NBA 2K series) is still small. NBA 2K21 MT is the main product in the host and PC player, and it has developed with the development of the times.

You know, when a wide range of game supporters enter online forums, it will cause controversy and even encourage or even call for boycotts of creators’ products. This is the status quo of game publisher 2K Sports after a controversial comment attracted the attention of the masses. A few days after the game’s big announcement, it received 10,000 votes and went through a round on Reddit.

For American customers, the game needs to pay approximately US$70.00 (plus tax), while the previous price in the past games in the same series was US$60.00.

This price tag covers the most basic part of the game and only applies to the standard version. The purchase price of the deluxe version "Mamba Forever Edition" is much higher. Considering that 2K Games has made a significant amount of revenue from its micro-transaction payment program, players complain that the game company has become too greedy, using its loyal customers for pure profit.

Since the release of NBA 2K17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, microtransactions by AAA-level game companies (also known as large gaming behemoths) have become increasingly popular.

As more and more people participate in e-sports, it is no wonder that Buy 2K21 MT or the "Pay for DLC" model has become the standard for every new game development.